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Buy a Pair of Premium Quality 24kg Adjustable Dumbbells Online in Australia

At Styling Vinyl Wrap, we have the perfect solution for fitness enthusiasts who struggle to find the space to store all their training equipment at home. Our 24kg adjustable dumbbells provides an efficient weight training solution for you that helps you achieve your training goals at home, with the flexibility of weights and optimum space utilisation.

Lifting dumbbells is a great way to lose weight and start building your muscles quickly. Various exercises require the use of dumbbells that help not just your arms but the whole body to shape up with strong muscles. But not everyone can use dumbbells that come in different sizes and weights. The amount of weight that you should lift in dumbbells depends on your size and lifting experience.

As a person keeps exercising with dumbbells regularly and grows his or her muscle strength, the person starts lifting heavier weights. This eventually leads to a situation where long-term fitness enthusiasts end up with a large number of different pairs of dumbbells. They become very difficult to store, and it is also expensive to keep on purchasing new dumbbells every few months.

But this problem can be solved fully with our 24 kg smart adjustable dumbbells. Our product allows customers to lift all weights between 2.5 kg to 24 kg. The weight increases slowly in 2.5 kg increments by turning dials at the two ends of the dumbbells. Adjusting the weights and setting our preferred weight is very easy with our product.

At Styling Vinyl Wrap, customer safety is our utmost concern and we always want to ensure that they do not suffer any injuries when using our weights. To this end, we provide a safety latch and safe chin locks with these dumbbells. These ensure that the weights stay in place and do not fall off while a person is exercising.

For additional safety, our dumbbells can only be adjusted after being put down on a flat surface.

Benefits of Adjustable Dumbbells

Customers who buy adjustable dumbbells from us save a lot of space in their training area for other equipment. Our 24kg adjustable dumbbell set can replace around 15 pairs of different dumbbell sizes.

At Styling Vinyl Wrap, we not only want to provide a solution to their fitness needs, but we also want to provide long-term durability. We use the highest quality steel for all our dumbbells, which are coated with plastic to keep them safe from corrosion.

Styling Vinyl Wrap is an Australian company based out of Melbourne, and we are passionate about your health and fitness=. As there are several risks of injuries and accidents associated with weight training, we request you to consult professional fitness trainers to learn the proper form of lifting and regularly consult the trainer while planning to gradually increase your dumbbell weights.

Styling Vinyl Wrap provides free home delivery on most of its products. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us on 0414 684 786. All basic information about our products and delivery are listed in the product description.